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Harvest Update: Fermentation is Underway!
Posted: October 24th 2021
Harvest is underway and the fermentation has begun. Right now our tank room is jam packed with fermenting grape juice that will soon become finished wine. After we harvest our grapes we crush, sort and process them into different stainless steel tanks where, once the juice reaches a certain temperat
Harvest 2021: First Grapes are In!
Posted: September 14th 2021
September means one thing at Cape May Winery, harvest! Our production team and vineyard crew have been waiting all year for the grapes to ripen. Visiting the winery during harvest is something we recommend to everyone. It is a chance to see an entire year of preparation come to fruition. The vineyar
CMW Swag from Sticker Mule
Posted: July 6th 2021
Looking for a cool way to show off your favorite local winery!? Check out these awesome $1 Stickers and $2 Magnets! They are both available in the retail store. Stick them anywhere- coolers, cars, fridges or water bottles. We've even seen a couple on surfboards. Once you stick it, take a picture and
July Vineyard Update 2021
Posted: July 5th 2021
Fruit Set and Bird Nets! In the vineyard we have moved past bloom and are into grape berry formation. After a successful pollination, grapes the size of small peas will form on each cluster. Throughout the months of June and into July, the small
June 2021 Vineyard Update
Posted: June 5th 2021
We're in bloom, baby! This is the most important time of the growing season! Bloom, or flowering, is when a grape vine self-pollinates by spawning flowers in the fruit zone. Each flower has the potential to become a grape, which why it is so important to fend off disease at this stage of the growin
April 2021 Production Update
Posted: April 10th 2021
The Winter months are quite here in Cape May, but our production team is always up to something! This time last year we welcomed our first concreate fermenting egg to the team, Roe. The 2020 harvest is shaping up to be one good thing that came out of last year, and the concrete fermented white field
February Vines 2021
Posted: February 6th 2021
Arthur is spending his afternoons out in the vineyard helping pick up all of the removed canes! Our production team is pruning and training all of our vines to ensure a successful start to the growing season this Spring. During the coming months, as part of our integrated pest management plan, the t
December Vines 2020
Posted: December 5th 2020
The month of December is a slower one for our vineyard crew. We are awaiting the second hard frost before our Winter pruning can begin. We expect the vines to become dormant in the next 3 weeks. Until then, we will remove the bird netting as well as add lime to the soil. Making sure the PH leve
Harvest: That's a Wrap!
Posted: October 25th 2020
All of the grapes are off the vine and the countdown to tasting the 2020 Vintage is underway! Our production team is very happy with this year's harvest and is looking forward to sharing the fruits of their labor with each of you. Cheers!
Harvest Update 2020
Posted: October 17th 2020
Harvest Update The grapes are coming in from our Vineyards! Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Cayuga, Pinot Noir, Chambourcin and Riesling to name a few. We have been hard at work in the vineyard harvesting each ripened cluster by hand. The h
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