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Capture December Vines 2020
Posted: December 5th 2020
The month of December is a slower one for our vineyard crew. We are awaiting the second hard frost before our Winter pruning can begin. We expect the vines to become dormant in the next 3 weeks. Until then, we will remove the bird netting as well as add lime to the soil. Making sure the PH leve
Capture Harvest: That's a Wrap!
Posted: October 25th 2020
All of the grapes are off the vine and the countdown to tasting the 2020 Vintage is underway! Our production team is very happy with this year's harvest and is looking forward to sharing the fruits of their labor with each of you. Cheers!
2020 Harvest Harvest Update 2020
Posted: October 17th 2020
Harvest Update The grapes are coming in from our Vineyards! Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Cayuga, Pinot Noir, Chambourcin and Riesling to name a few. We have been hard at work in the vineyard harvesting each ripened cluster by hand. The h
FullSizeRender 91 August 2020 Vineyard Update
Posted: August 8th 2020
Verasion (Pronounced : Ver-A-Sion)  It's finally that time of year again! Verasion is the mark in the growing season that indicates harvest is on its way. The phenomenon describes the color change in red and white grapes from green to purple or yellow, respectively. Fo
IMG_3874 July 2020 Vineyard Update
Posted: July 2nd 2020
The fruit has set and the shoots are growing! The vine's canopy is filling out and the tiny berries are beginning to resemble the mature grapes we anxiously await to harvest. A grape vine will produce between 100-150 shoots per vine. We want to maintain about 40 of the best shoots to crop for this s
B209C38D-DED9-46C7-B819-444EB480E30F June 2020 Vineyard Update
Posted: June 5th 2020
The growing season is in full swing! 2 very important stages of grape vine growth are happening as you read this: bloom and fruit set. Bloom is the period when the soon-to-be grape clusters first bloom flowers and then undergo self-pollination. The flowers remain until they are completely pollinated
vines1 May Vineyard Update 2020
Posted: May 13th 2020
With the warm weather arriving, our vines are starting to grow. Almost overnight, the vines transform from bare, brown branches into a sea of tiny green grape leaves. The springtime sun allows for the vines to begin photosynthesis immediately. The leaves will grow exponentially over the next couple
E2AFEFB6-39E6-4668-ACCC-D0CDC7F74375 Sunday Dinner Recipe Vol. 7
Posted: May 3rd 2020
Need a Sunday brunch recipe to impress your quarantine house mates?! Whip up Chef Mike's Country Gravy and serve with a pitcher of Lighthouse Red Sangria. Country Gravy Grocery List:1 Lb Sausage( bulk or uncased)1 stick butter1/4 cup flour1 onion ( small diced)16 oz heavy cream (or ligh
IMG_7471 Sunday Dinner Recipe Vol. 6
Posted: April 26th 2020
Rosé All Day!Chef Mike's latest recipe puts all of our favorite ingredients into one bowl. White Clam Pasta Grocery List:Clams, little necks- 50 eachCMW Rosé- 4 ozOlive oil- 2 tbspGarlic, sliced- 2 tbspRed pepper flakes- pinchBasil, fresh- 2 tbspButter- 2 ozPasta, angel hair- 1 pou
IMG_2893 Sunday Dinner Recipe Vol. 5
Posted: April 19th 2020
Looking for a new recipe that makes incredible leftovers? Try out Chef Mike's Crab Fried Rice! If you make it spicy, pair with Lighouse Blush or for a more mild rice dish try it with the Cape May Pinot Grigio. Crab Fried RiceFeeds about 4 Grocery List:Crab meat, jumbo lump- 1 poundVegetable oil-
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