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Cape May Winery & Vineyard  
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95D32E1E-F889-4594-BE77-E777AF529943 Sunday Dinner Recipe Vol. 4
Posted: April 12th 2020
Not sure what to make this week? Try Chef Mike's 'Foolproof Focaccia.'We like it with a glass (or two) or Cape May Red. Cheers! Focaccia Pizza Dough Grocery List:Flour all purpose- 2.25 lbsWater 100 degrees- 1.25 lbsDry active yeast- 2 ozSalt- .63 ozSugar- .38 ozOlive oil- 1/4 cup Instructio
C10A7987-4422-4FD0-9245-CB573A7968AC April 2020 Vineyard Update
Posted: April 7th 2020
In the month of April, our vineyard team is awaiting the first growth stage in the vine cycle called "bud break." Bud break is a phenomenon where the accumulated temperature over a period of time signals the plant to essentially get out out bed. Stored energy in the roots and wood of the vine w
602BE86C-323F-4BCD-B28B-890B75D50B0D Sunday Dinner Recipe Vol. 3
Posted: April 5th 2020
In preparation for Easter Sunday Brunch, here is Chef Mike's famous Brioche French Toast! It is best to get this prepared the day before. Our suggested wine pairing is our Isaac Smith White Port Spritz. French Toast with Candied Walnuts and Fresh Whipped Cream French Toast Batter Grocery List:Eg
991339BA-16A6-4E74-BAE0-7E430DBA77B2 Sunday Dinner Recipe Vol. 2
Posted: March 29th 2020
While you are stuck at home, why not try out some of Chef Mike's favorite recipes?! Have you ever heard of 'beer can chicken'? We are here to open your eyes to 'wine in a can chicken'!  Barrel Fermented Chardonnay Roasted Chicken Suggested Wine Pairing: 2018 Cape May Barrel Fermented Chardonn
628311F9-C4AA-4C57-9677-996C3B5635A7 Sunday Dinner Recipe Vol. 1
Posted: March 22nd 2020
While you are stuck at home, why not try out some of Chef Mike's favorite recipes?! Pop open a bottle of your favorite CMW wine and start cooking! Crab CakesSuggested Pairing: CM Sauvignon Blanc or CM Chardonnay Grocery List:-Super lump crab- 1 pound-White bread- 2 slices-Eggs- 1 each-Worcestershi
IMG_2323 Meet Roe!
Posted: March 21st 2020
Meet ‘Roe,’ the newest member of the production team at CM Winery! She is a custom made concrete fermenting egg all the way from Sonoma Coast Stone in California. Specs & Info: *476 gallon capacity → 3 tons of grapes → 200 cases of wine *8 feet tall with ~6 inc
6873EEB3-C416-4A95-8477-A825E17587F1 March Production Update 2020
Posted: March 3rd 2020
Oak Aging and Filtration  This past month the production team released four new 2019 white wines and two red wines from the 2017 vintage. For the most part, our red wines get an oak regiment of 18-24 months. What this means is that after our red wines finish fermentation, they spend app
IMG_1681 February Vines 2020
Posted: February 7th 2020
February is the month of housekeeping in the vineyard. The 2019 vintage is now well behind us and it's now time to prepare for next harvest. Currently, our vineyard team is pruning and training all of our vines to ensure a successful start to the growing season this Spring. During the
Capture January Vines 2020
Posted: January 6th 2020
Dormant Pruning is an annual viticulture practice used to control and regulate the growth of a grape vine. Pruning, or the removal of wood, is the most crucial viticulture task performed each year. This practice "trains" a vine to achieve vine balance and a desired
IMG_0911 December Vines 2019
Posted: December 2nd 2019
As the last few bird nets are taken down, our vineyard team will switch their focus from the air to the soil. This month they will add lime to the vineyard to balance the nutrients in the soil. This is an important step to ensure a correct PH level and maximize soil health to ensure our vines have t
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Cape May Wine

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