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Cape May Winery & Vineyard  
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IMG_0700 Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2019!
Posted: November 21st 2019
Nouveau [nou•veau] adjective, French:1. newly appearing, arrived, or made2. new and different, often fashionably so Inspired by the French Beaujolais Nouveau, winemaker Mike Mitchell utilized a nouveau winemaking technique called carbonic maceration to make a light, fruity, easy-drinking red.
IMG_0183 November Production Update 2019
Posted: November 4th 2019
What a busy fall it has been for our production team! Harvest is officially over, but there is still a lot of work to be done with our new grapes. Most of our ferments are complete and the young wines are resting patiently in their tanks or barrels awaiting the next steps in the wine-making process.
Black _ White October Vineyard Update 2019
Posted: October 4th 2019
The rest of our red grape varietals and late harvest white grapes will be picked this month. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Vidal Blanc are the last grapes to be harvested here in Cape May. The crush pad will be buzzing with totes full of grapes and many hands to help with the most exciting
Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 4 Elevating the Winery Experience
Posted: September 19th 2019
Chef Mike Siegel To say he loves food would be cliché. He thinks of his relationship with food as a marriage- he is always with food and wouldn't have it any other way. Chef Mike received his formal education in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales. In between training and starting
DAD090FB-267C-4E39-A274-D4E036DF6A86 Chardonnay Harvest
Posted: September 4th 2019
Harvested on September 3rd, 4th and 5th. 6 acres of Chardonnay between our Shunpike, Townbank and Isaac Smith Vineyards. All clusters are picked by hand, with love! 22 degrees BRIX
IMG_9614 September Vineyard Update
Posted: September 7th 2019
September means harvest at the winery! The first grapes to come in off the vine will be the white varietals: Cayuga, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Riesling to name a few. Our team will get into the red varietals towards the end of the month. Field samples have been taken, and will continue to be take
IMG_9067 August Vineyard Update
Posted: August 7th 2019
The summer heat becomes visible in the grapes during the month of August. We call this veraison, or the change of color of the grape berries to indicate the beginning of ripening. The warm weather and sunlight that our grapes have been enjoying allow for sugars to develop and the acids within t
grapes July Vineyard Update
Posted: July 11th 2019
The fruit has set and the shoots are growing! The vine's canopy is filling out and the tiny berries are beginning to resemble the mature grapes we anxiously await to harvest. A grape vine will produce between 100-150 shoots per vine. We want to maintain about 40 of the best shoots to crop for this s
5d1f6d3bde837 Family Roots
Posted: July 6th 2019
Article by the Press of Atlantic City; Written by David Weinberg  Cape May- Toby Craig and his three children gathered around a patio table at their Cape May Winery on a recent summer morning for one of their famous family meetings. For the Craig family, owners of the Washington Inn and Lucky
IMG_8386 June Vineyard Update
Posted: June 5th 2019
Pictured Here: The flowers of grapevines are called perfect flowers because they are self-pollinating- there is no need for bees. Right now, our vines look like they are covered with tiny grape bunches, but these mini-bunches are actually protective caps for future grapes. When the vine is r
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