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Cape May Winery & Vineyard  
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March Vineyard Update
Posted: March 6th 2019
Our vineyard team has been hard at work preparing the vines for the 2019 growing season. They are collecting the canes that grew last season, leaving a 2 bud spur on the vine. The old canes are removed from the vine to stimulate new growth from the leftover spurs.Read More >
February Production Update
Posted: February 6th 2019
Simply put, the chiller operates by running fluid (Glycol) through a compressor that chills the fluid down to about 20 degrees F, in turn creating an icy blanket around the stainless steel tanks.
Here are a few important wine making u .. Read More >
January Vineyard Update
Posted: January 9th 2019
Winter in the vineyard means one thing, pruning. There are many pruning methods used today which are decided upon depending on the grape variety and the potential yields desired.
At the Cape May .. Read More >
Spice Up Your Holiday
Posted: December 21st 2018
Have you ever wondered how to stay warm walking around those chilly German Christmas Markets? The answer is Mulled Wine! Traditionally called Glühwein, this is a spiced red wine served warm. Think, adult hot cocoa. Serving mulled wine at a Holiday Party is one way to perfectly capt .. Read More >
2018 Port Releases
Posted: December 14th 2018
Name of Wine: Isaac Smith Red Port Vintage: Blend of 25% 2011, 25% 2013, 25% 2015 & 25% 2016 Vintage Notes: Chambourcin harvested in late October with a .. Read More >
December Vineyard Update
Posted: December 6th 2018
As winter approaches, we are focusing on maintenance in the vineyards. This week our team is finishing removing the bird netting from the vines. While you might be dreaming of a white Christmas, our vineyard team is enjoying these mild, sunny December afternoons! After the nets are down, it's t .. Read More >
Red VS White Grape Harvest
Posted: October 15th 2018
White Grape Harvest & Fermentation:
For white grapes, it’s all about the juice!
White grapes mature and accumulate sugars faster than red grapes making th .. Read More >
Stories from the Kitchen #1
Posted: October 9th 2018
While developing the menu for The Olde Bar in Philly, which was the Original Bookbinders*, I went to Maine in search of the perfect lobster roll. My wife and I stopped at a small shack on the water in Kennebunkport and this one roll was all we needed to agree it was the bes .. Read More >
Harvest Update #2
Posted: October 8th 2018
2018 Vidal Blanc Harvest BRIX: 22.4
Tons: 6
Vineyard: 15 Rows from Sandman Vineyard (1.5 acres)  It was no holiday weekend for our production team! They spent their entire weekend picking grapes and processing the berries. Early on Sa .. Read More >
What are Tartrates?
Posted: October 3rd 2018
“Tartrate crystals are as natural to wine as seeds are to a watermelon.”
- Ronn Wiegand, Master Sommelier
Read More >
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