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Cape May Winery & Vineyard  

Current Wines

Cape May Red

A staple of the Cape May Winery's red collection, this dry table wine is the perfect compliment for any meal. We suggest pizza or pasta! Our go-to red blend is filled with flavors of red raspberry, hints of clove, layers of dark fruit and a strong finish of backbone acidity. The natue of a table red gives our winemaker the ability to change the varietal composition from release to release. So while the amount of each grape in the blend might change, the Cape May Red will always remain a taste of the vineyard.

Table Wine
Red Grape Blend (changes from year to year)
Barrel Aged in French Oak for 2 Years All Kratom Benefits

Glass $7 / Bottle $18 / Case Club $16.20

2016 Cape May Pinot Noir

The 2016 Cape May Pinot Noir is one of our best releases in years. This light bodied wine might surprise you. With its woody, cooked cherry aromas and notes of apple skin and spice on the palate, the complexity of flavors will leave you wanting another glass. Enjoy strong tannins on the finish for a truly dry red. This unique wine is 93% Pinot Noir, 7% Syrah
and 100% not to be missed!

13.7% A.B.V.
137 Cases Produced
Aged in French Oak for 2 Years

Glass $8.25  / Bottle $22 / Case Club $19.80

2016 Cape May Merlot

If you are looking for a medium body red with a dry, yet smooth finish, look no further. Aromas of plum and cocoa lead into flavors of black currant, vanilla and a berry medley on the palate. Enjoy a finish of cherry, cranberry, toasty oak and soft,
but firm tannins. 

13.7% A.B.V.
650 Cases Produced
Aged in French Oak for 2 Years

Glass $8 / Bottle $21 / Case Club $18.90

2016 Cape May Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is not typically produced as a single varietal wine, so when you come across one it can be quite special. This grape is frequently used as a blending grape becasue it adds a depth of flavor and spice. Our 2016 release presents bright, light spice on the palate with a balanced finish and smooth tannins. The flavors and aromas of this wine include cherry, cranberry, cocoa, black pepper and tobacco. 

13.0% A.B.V.
370 Cases Produced
95% Cabernet Franc, 5% Syrah
Barrel Aged in French Oak for 2 Years

Glass $7.50 / Bottle $20 / Case Club $18

2017 Cape May Syrah

One of the most anticpated releases every year, our 2017 Cape May Syrah is a must have! Aromas of chocolate covered strawberries lead into rich flavors of dark berries on the palate. A soft, velvety finish concludes every sip of this bold wine!

15.0 % A.B.V.
100% Syrah
450 Cases Produced
Barrel Aged in French Oak for 18 months

Glass $11 / Bottle $29 / Case Club $26.10

2018 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

The Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, or 'BFC' as we call it, is Cape May Winery's flagship white wine. Our winemaker strives to produce an oaky Chardonnay that is both balanced in flavor and acidity. The current release exhibits aromas of lemon zest and light pear with notes of caramel and vanilla on the palate. Rounded acidity and oak appear on the finish with just a hint of that classic buttery taste.

13.1% A.B.V.
100% Chardonnay
250 Cases Produced
Barrel Aged in French Oak for 9 Months
(20% New; 80% Neutral)

Glass $9 /Bottle $24 / $21.60

2018 Cape May Riesling

A common misconception about Riesling is that it is always sweet. Depending on what part fo the world the grapes are grown and the style of the winemaker, Rieslings can range from bone dry to dessert sweet. Our winemaker produces an off-dry style Riesling that may surprise you! Its aromas of floral and honeysuckle lead into flavors of mango and honey on the palate with a long, soft finish.

13.0% A.B.V.
0.6% Residual Sugar
300 Cases Produced
90% Riesling, 10% French Columbard

Glass $7.50 / Bottle $20 / Case Club $18

Lighthouse White

Our Lighthouse White is the perfect base for sangria. We call it 'summertime in a bottle!' Floral aromas give way to a summertime fruit medley of flavors including peach, cantaloupe and honey dew. This light, white table wine finsihes with a sweet, lingering acidity.

Table Wine
White Grape Blend (changes from year to year)
1.25% Residual Sugar

Glass $5.25 / Bottle $14 / Case Club $12.60

Lighthouse Blush

The Lighthouse Blush is a staple of the Cape May Winery. It is our most popular sweet wine any time of the year! An aroma of strawberry leads into flavors of peach that finish sweet and crisp.

Table Wine
2.30% Residual Sugar

Glass $5.25 / Bottle $14 / Case Club $12.60

Lighthouse Red

An aroma of Black Cherry leads into flavors of light spice and berries that prepares your palate for a sweet, tart blackberry finish. Serve this sweet red wine chilled or over crushed ice for a wine slushie! This wine also makes a great base for a red sangria.

Table Wine
3.5% Residual Sugar

Glass $5.25 / Bottle $14 / Case Club $12.60

Isaac Smith Red Port

The Isaac Smith Red Port is a non-vintage blended Port. Each year a different selection of our aging Ports are tasted and blended for bottling. This release opens up with a bouquet of cherry liqueur. Its warm, sweet aromas gives way to flavors of black cherry and hazelnut which linger through to a long finish. This Port is very special because is it made up of 25% of our 2011 Vintage Red Port.

18.5% A.B.V.
8% Residual Sugar
252 Cases Produced (500 mL bottles)
100% Chambourcin (equal parts 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016)
Barrel Aged in Neutral French Oak for 4-10 Years

Glass $11 / Bottle $29 (500 mL) / Case Club $26.10

2014 Isaac Smith Vintage White Port

Notes of butterscotch, light citrus flavors and a beautiful finish of hazelnut make this our best ever White Port release. Served chilled.

18.5% A.B.V.
8% Residual Sugar
46 Cases Produced
100% Vidal Blanc
Barrel Aged in Neutral French Oak for 4 Years

$68 per 750 ml bottle / Case Club $61.20

2011 Isaac Smith Vintage Red Port

Our first ever release of a Vintage Port! This incredible wine is a gorgeous tawny color, which happened slowly over time. Flavors of almond, cocoa, and cherry appear rich and decadent on the palate. This wine takes on notes of different spices depending on the food pairing. 

18.5% A.B.V.
8% Residual Sugar
46 Cases Produced
100% Chambourcin
Barrel Aged in Neutral French Oak for 7 Years

$78 per 750ml bottle / Case Club $70.20


Cape May Wine

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