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Cape May Winery & Vineyard  

Wine On Tap Room

Featured Wines on Tap: 2018 CM Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, 2018 CM Sauvignon Blanc, 2019 Isaac Smith White (Tap Only), Lighthouse Blush, Tap House Blend (Tap Only), 2016 CM Cabernet Franc, 2017 CM Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tap Reserve Blend (Tap Only).
Our selection rotates and features certain wines that are not available by the bottle.

Wine Flights are $10 (plus NJ sales tax) and include your choice of 3, 2oz. pours of the 8 featured wines on tap. You are welcome to enjoy your flight inside one of our many rooms, or travel outside to our patio or deck to imbibe!
Tap Wine is also available by the glass, 1 liter carafe, or 1 liter growler.

Our wine growlers are $10 (plus NJ sales tax) for the glassware, plus the 1 liter cost of the wine. Growlers are a great addition to any B.Y.O.B. dinner or happy hour at home. The Tap Room is open daily, so you can re-fill your growler any time. Show us where you take your CMW Growler by tagging the Cape May Winery on FaceBook or Instagram!  

Interested in hanging out at the CM Winery after hours? Join us Friday evenings from 5PM - 8PM in the Tap Room for our 21+ happy hour! Live Music, Tapas, and Rotating Carafe Specials make this a fun and relaxing night out.
Patrons must be 21+ or older to attend. 

Wine on Tap is a newer concept, so here are a few frequently asked questions regarding our Wine on Tap Room:

  • Is there a difference between Tap Wine & Bottled Wine? The short answer is no! The wine we use to bottle is the same wine we use to fill the kegs. You may think the wine tastes different off the tap compared to the bottle and there are a couple factors that might cause this difference. Wine on tap is intended to "drink now" and not be left to age. The wine on tap is slightly aerated, which may cause it to be more aromatic. There is no risk of bottle-shock. The wine is kept in a controlled environment so every pour is the same temperature.
  • How does the system function? We use 100% Nitrogen gas tank that is attached to the system to push the wine out of the kegs. The pressure from the gas tank is regulated by the tap system to ensure a steady flow of wine when the tap is opened. The pressurized gas essentially pushes the wine out of the keg and into your glass. The tap system has 8 taps and 2 temperature controlled coolers. One cooler is kept at 46 degrees for the white wines and 58 degrees for the red wines. Carbon dioxide acts as an aerator when released from our taps which can add what looks to be small bubbles in a wine glass. Those bubbles will clear in a matter of seconds, revealing the wine's true clarity.
  • How long does the wine last in the growler? 5-7 days in the growler. Once opened, it will last the same amount of time as a regular bottle of wine.
  • Why did we decide to put our 'wine on tap'? First, it allows us to offer a new experience for our guests with a self-guided flight. Secondly, it is much more efficient for a tasting room in terms of cost, waste and time. It allows us to cut down on the number of bottles, labels, and corks thrown away after emptying a bottle. The kegs are cleaned, sanitized and refilled making the Tap Room an environmentally conscious tasting room. And lastly, it provides our winemaker with an avenue to experiment with small batch wines. 
  • Are all of your wines available on tap? No. We feature 8 selected wines at a time, including certain "Tap Only" wines that are not available by the bottle. 

Cape May Wine

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